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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> good morning, guys i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> it is friday! we tack about the commute in a second but first, mike nicco is tracking the rain headed to the bay area. all the key is it is heading here but not here. the commute is dry. a few sprinkles around clear lake and the next three hours you can see the steady rain is getting into mendocino county but it will not be into the north bay until 9:00. the rest of us this afternoon. you can see in the day planner, clouds this morning and cooler conditions, 40s and nearly 50, and circuit at noon and upper 60s at 4:00, and you could not need an umbrella at 6:00. >> ran says? -- frances? >> a shot of westbound on the right beyond the toll plaza, a little bit of slowing, under the speed limit on southbound 80 through hayward, but, that is it. here is the golden gate bridge traffic is light out of marin county to san francisco.
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the drive on westbound 580 is sluggish in spot from tracy to castro valley and 45 minutes with the early crash at the 680 interchange now is cleared. >> thank you. good news if you drive 580 in the east bay, the new express lanes through dublin and lasten and livermore opened usually this morning and you can see shots right here. matt keller is along 580 with what you need to know before you start using the lanes. matt? >> you can now put a price on a faster commute, the two eastbound lanes on 580 the express lanes are now open to traffic and if you want to get from here where we are standing atism outlets it is 70 and greenville it is $1.20 in thes have lane. if you are solo. there afternoon you can expect it to be a lot more expensive. right now, the counter commute, with video through the corridor, dublin, lasten and livermore,
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and no cones blocking them. you need your fast track tag to use the express lane between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. and you designate if you are driving by yourself or with two, or three, or more. solo drivers pay up to $13. c.h.p. officers will watch. make sure you have your transponder set to the right number of people. we will get a 1, 12, or 3 in the lights so we know if you are okay. >> a westbound 580 express lane is scheduled to open up for the monday morning commute and if you are caught cheating a car pool violation in alameda county will cost you $500. >> this morning, an honored richmond police officer, family man and cherished member of the community is laid to rest with a public memorial at 10 for
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officer gus vegas. last night the family and friends gathered to honor him at the church on the hill if vallejo. the 15-year veteran was shot and killed in his home last week. the father of his six-year-old grandson is charged in the murder. he is survived by his wife, ten children, and 20 grandchildren. >> the c.h.p. said to expect delays along the 16 mile procession between richmond and vallejo that will run from sky view memorial lawn in vallejo to westbound 780 and westbound 80 to richmond and over to the richmond memorial auditorium and the memorial fund is beyond the $20,000 goal. the gofundme account was started by the richmond police. we have more information on donating at all the public memorial will start at 10:00 a.m., and you are urged to get to the auditorium early because of limited pack --
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parking. >> in berkeley, police believe they have video of man sexually assaulting women near the campus. the first attack was last thursday. on tuesday, two more happened in 20 minutes of each other. this is surveillance video of a man believed the attacker chased in the video by one of the victims. all of the victims are asian women walking whom alone. the suspect described as if his 20s and has curlless dark hair or dreadlocks. >> antioch police say he has caused several thousands of dollars in damage from tagging. the 26-year-old adam foster was arrested on monday when he was vandalizing a water tower. there were several cans and wire cutters. he used those to cut a hole in the chain fence surrounding the water tower and was booked into jail. >> a missing 22-year-old woman
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was last seen on saturday night at a party in jackson street. she weighs 185 pounds. police have not said what she was wearing when she was last seen >> the public can weigh if on a plan plan to put the ocean view muni line underground. the planners want to extend the subway from the west portal station to the park and the underground stations would be built along the way improving safety and cost up to $3 billion. a public meet on the man is held at 6:00 p.m. on february 25. >> the radar tire -- tower could be saved after all. the county commission voted to recommended the tower be placed on the inventory of historic resources. according to specialist it is in
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danger of being ton down and now it is in the historical inventory it is protected from being razed. >> do you remember an apartment building helps away from toppling into the ocean? look at a it now, it is a pile of rubble. two other buildings could follow. neighbors came out to see the democrat police of the apartments red tagged six years ago because of the erosion of the cliffs. >> i called my husband because i could see it from the balcony. he said take pictures. >> questions still remain on what will happen next to two of 9 adjacent properties one red tagged in 2010 and the other evacuated last month. >> a new twist in the future ofia too plans the committee is considering as the c.e.o. tries to revise the ailing company. >> on facebook you pay have noticed a company trending in your feed.
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the announcement of plans to expand in the bay area that has social media buzzing. >> a look at our golden gate commute is friday "lite" and dry with roads but mike nicco said rain is on way. stay tuned. tomorrow's storm is level "1" so that means light rain. that means light rain. keep the umbr
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>> we are back on friday and i would not be surprised not heat are kicked on. a last us in 40s and low-to-mid 40s with napa, and oakland, and san francisco, and pacifica around 50. the clouds are streaming in ahead of the next system. tree pollen is high today. until rain rolls in. look at the intensity. it is green. it will be light. partly cloudy and wonderful conditions in san jose. light rain today. mainly in the north bay. the rest of us this afternoon, tapering this evening and dry and warmer this weekend. and look at the hour by hour check of rain rolling through our neighborhood.
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frances? >> interstate 80 shows traffic flowing smooth through berkeley to the maze and getting included natasha and reggie mentioned, we should expect heavy traffic for officer's memorial and procession. richmond-san rafael bridge is delay free. the drive time right now from highway 4 to the maze is 19 minutes and a slow ride westbound across the bay bridge at 16 minutes. >> foodie alert, the new york city food favorite is coming to the bay area and people are going notes. >> they are. you by have seen this all over facebook because it is a top trending topic after the announcement. they are then for chicken and fame out white sauce and in the newsroom we have looked at this all morning, the wrap in the middle looks good. they will have two locations in the bay area.
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one in the space at the tenderloin, and another is west of berkeley campus near center street and shattuck avenue. >> we hearing from a tougher-talking sheriff with a serious warning for gang members in his community. >> this bobcat is not letting a >> this bobcat is not letting a missing leg slow her down as
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benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> look at this, a fire here in kansas city produces that. some call this a fire-nado. a lawnmower sparked the flames that burned 1,500 acres with high winds for the crews. you can see the winds whipped it into a small tornado of flames and firefighters were able to get it under control. >> you probably know affluenza teen, ethan couch is headed to court. a judge will decide whether couch will be tried as an adult if he is transferred he will be assigned to a new judge who will set the terms of the probation interest affect in april when he turns 19. couch received probation after
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killing four people after the attorney argued he was coddled by his parents. his moment put his probation at risk and took him to mexico. >> bill cosby is demanding money from the woman whose accusations led to the only criminal charges against him accusing her of breach of contract saying that a 2006 lawsuit barred her from voluntarily discussing the case with law enforcement. she met with police if philadelphia last year as they re-open the case. cosby wants her new to pay back what he paid her in the settlement. >> a louisiana sheriff is latest social media star after this extremely blunt message sent to local beginning members, direct ing this warn to members of the grandmother lynn gang at large. one if particular was singled out. >> daren, you think men like
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these are afraid of an unedge educated 125-pound punk like you? that has never won a fair fight in director life and holds the gun side ways? i will meet you on solid ground any time, anywhere, young man, light or heavy makes no difference to me you won't walk away. >> whoa. he said that his men do dumbbell presses with heavier wheats than men of suspects. >> sunnyvale based yahoo has formed an independent committee to explore "strategic alternatives," including looking for a possible buyer. the board created a committee independent of c.e.o. marissa mayer and yahoo said they will determine if the proposals are in the best interest of the company trying to recover. yahoo announced 300 employees are laid off in april. >> a new list of the most admired companies and one thing the west coast is king. the new list was released, and a
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good chance to show you six are based in california, oregan or washington and at the top, right there, cupertino based apple, and alphabet, and seattle based amazon. and warren buffett and berkshire, and disney based in burbank and then starbuc general electric at number ten. >> we win. >> guy is to see this, a three-legged bobcat is back in the wild in the mountains, a video of her release if slow motion. since she bolted the biologists set her free and she is 3-337. >> charming. ayes, describes her personal. she has a special tracking collar and the disability is not hindering her ability to contain for herself and her kitten who
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is missing an ear. >> now, how is the traffic, frances? >> we will focus on the east bay because that is where we are seeing the slowing, southbound 680 in walnut creek with brake lights, from north main to highway 24 and no major delays through the san ramon valley and the bay bridge is backed up 20 minutes. we have green along the peninsula and slowing in the east bay and light in the north bays stand rose to petaluma at 14 minutes and i don't need to knowflect the peninsula but it is delayed freed all morning, mike is tracking the sprinkles or dare i say light rain. >> least likely area, and a look at sprinkles across the northern part of the sonoma county with thunderstorms and that storm is
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weakening considerably as it gets to us and you can see sutro tower is bouncing a little bit and the brings are starting to pick up as the subrelaxes -- as the surf relaxes and a dry and warm weekend and warmer next week. the storm impact scale is for severe, and today is less than quarter-inch, breezy but in damage. through the 7:00 hour you can see the best chance of my scattered light showers across the north bay and by 9:00 or 10:00, the steady line starts to move in and by noon in the heart of north bay with light showers ahead of it for the rest of the bay and from noon to 4:00, look at it moving through the heart of the bay and the southbound bay it falls apart and during the evening hours, i don't thing you will need the umbrella after 7:00. our rainfall amounts, the peninsula, hayward, san jose, maybe the same thing at .01",
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maybe, and it will dump snow in the sierra, not a lot at 2-5 rich and starts at 2:00 through 8:00 this evening and my seven-day forecast, shows 30s and tonight tonight account coolest morning is back to average on saturday, and sunshine and 60s and 70s starting on sunday and through thursday. tell us of the ski resort we had a lot of snow this weekend. >> we did. in fact, if you head to lake tahoe you do not need chains but the bay has get up by 1.235 foot and alpine meadows is 130" for the base with no chains required and 89 and 50 headed to heavenly and you leave right now with two hours and 48 minutes so you can literally be on the slopes by 10:00, and the base is up to 100" with no clans required and as mike mentioned with possible snow this afternoon likely you could need chains so carry them with you but it will be a good time to head out there and hit
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the snows this weekend. >> michael fin any has good tips for anyone trying to protect the property. an extremely close call for a an extremely close call for a commuter down under that will four score and seven years ago, our [train horn blares]th-- to the continent -- ... a new nation. announcer: presidents day may be over, but the savings go on at sleep train. through sunday at sleep train's presidents day sale
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>> this is a stunning close scale for a man in australia, jumping on the tracks after a train goes by and as he nears the other side, another train comes in entering the station and he sees it gets out of the way at last second narrowly avoiding the train ask it happened last week but police just released the video. authorities say this type of close call has happened more than 450 times in gist the past year. watch this again, here comes the other train and boom, out of way , in a matter of time. >> now, ask finney, "7 on your side" is helping you protect your valuables. >> it was quick. listen up. [ inaudible ] >> you are being careful and that is good, the rings cost a last money. moment hourers and renter policy
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include coverage for limited jewelry, generally up to $1,000, after that you are on your own unless you get an endorsement and that is an additional policy that will pay for jewelry that comes up missing or is stolen and they are not cheap but you get them by talking to director insurance agent or call the 800 number of your online company. >> sounds good if you have a question for michael finney record it on the smart 15 or tablet at the e-mail on your screen. you could see your question answered right here on the morning news. >> new at 6:30 a south bay man with an unusual plan to game support for marijuana legislation in california. >> and a bay area man was able to help after the terrifying helicopter crab in what -- crash in hawaii. >> and another chance of rain before spring warm and the hour by hour look is. by hour look is. coming up and how it
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we are taking a live luke outside the supreme court in washington, dc, as an action is about to be taken out of the hearse and brought into supreme court lying in repose for the
6:30 am
public and president obama will be we making his way to the supreme court for the view this morning. >> a funeral mass is health tomorrow morning at the behalf sill ask of the national shrine of the emmack chat concession. coming up on 6:30, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. and changes along the commute on interstate 580, new express lanes are open in the eastbound direction a new era for the stretch of highway with that report killing up. >> and mike nicco is tracking more rain. >> good morning, everyone, grab a heavier coat it and cooler and have the umbrella handy across the north bay and right new, a few sprinkles and a better chance of steady rain from 9:00 until noon and the rest of us this afternoon, in fact, we have it on the day planner, and temperatures are running around 50, with a few scattered showers and our breast chance for 4:00, and the chance tapers as we head to 7:00 dress for the low-to-mid
6:31 am
50s frances? >> c.h.p. got a call westbound 24 at orinda, and they will head at scene. the south bay if san jose, northbound, 280 from 80, across the screen to 85 in cupertino and easy six minutes with in problems cross the san mateo bridge, westbound, approaching the toll plaza and sluggish as you make your way southbound 880 through hayward. mass transit, and bart recording no delays but bus bridges on the tiburon and san rafael ferry because of the dock maintenance. >> richmond police officer gus vegas is laid to rest today. he was killed if his home last week. the fell said they were bowled over the show of support from the community yesterday. our reporter has the story. amy? >> they are going do get more support today and there will be a public service here at the richmond memorial auditorium scheduled to start at 10:00 this morning, last night, friends and
6:32 am
family gathered for a private service if vallejo and hundreds showed up for the officer, husband, father, and grandfather. the family said that they look at his smiling smirk and imagine him saying, all of this for me. >> the honor behind everything that have been shown and the respect. that would choke him up. >> they filled the clutch and the lobby with pictures remembering the officer's life, he served as a police officer for 15 years and they say the only thing he loved more than being the liver was his family the he was gunned down if his vallejo home in a domestic dispute and the father of one of the grandchildren is in jail and is accused of the killing. there will be a procession from vallejo from the funeral home if vallejo to richmond and the ceremony will start at sock-- at
6:33 am
10:00 a.m. >> c.h.p. is expecting delays along the 16 mile procession route between richmond and vallejo from sky view memorial lawn in vallejo to westbound 780 and westbound 820 and to the richmond memorial auditorium. and we will have continuing coverage of services for officer vegas with full coverage on abc7 midday at 11:00 and this afternoon at 4:00, action, and 6:00. we have coverage online at abc7 website. >> a man accused of sexual assault needs to be off the street after attacking three en. he has put been caught but the image has been caught in new video. >> this is a much needed break, for the first time we see the face of the attacker, and police want you to look at him described as african-american or east indian man with curly hair
6:34 am
or dead blocks. he is about 5' 9 or 6' tall. he was captured as he was being chased by one of the victims through the unit two parking lot on tuesday night. we police say the victims reported being grabbed and pushed to the ground before being sexually assaulted. the three victims are asian students walking home alone near people's park, and the women said they had never seen the suspect before. >> a left time when we hear of the situation it is someone that the person knows and so to hard it is someone completely rang dome is scary. >> for your safety be aware of your surroundings, travel in well lit areas and walk with a friend. the surveillance video can be seen at or you can share it. >> [ inaudible ] >> this is from washington, dc, where cassette of oscar
6:35 am
pistorius is is a-- of action action is arriving with a private ceremony by court police and former clerks of scalia is there and they will senator as pallbearers and a private hour-long ceremony is taking place controversy this morning because president obama will not be there at funeral tomorrow. in fact, he will pay his respects today. >> a store in walnut creek is closed. this is why. the driver of the white s.u.v. slammed into the awning at the store last night and it took out some of the support beams, and now the s.u.v. is virtually the only thing holding up that part of the awning and firefighters and contractors tried to stop it from come down completely but no one was hurt. >> this video is unbelievable to watch, a helicopter at pearl harbor crashed into the water in a heartlanding and today investigators are heading here to try to figure out what happened. the video shows the moment the tour helicopter which was
6:36 am
carrying four people including a family that crashed. it happened yesterday near the uss arizona memorial as a crowd of sightseering watched if horror, a few of them rushed in the water to help including a man vesting from redwood city. >> two people plopped down, i jumped in, there were three people in the war a woman was in the water. >> to be clear, four passengers on board, plus the pilot. we a 15-year old boy was critically injured in the crash, and people say he was trapped underwater for several minutes until a man cut him out of the seatbelt. two addicts on board were rushed to a nearby hospital and they are stable now. the other member is released and the pilot was treated at the scene. >> alpine meadow ski resort is expected to open today after being forced to close because of high winds, snow, and three avalanches. one pushed a bus into a reallyup garage door and off trapped
6:37 am
three employees in their car on the way to work. alpine meadows road was closed for several hours, a woman just 50 foot toot away from the first avalanche said she slept right through it. >> i missed all the excitement but no one was hurt so that is good. that is all that matters. >> the storm dropped 2' of snow on local slopes. >> san jose police officer fired after threatening black lives matter protesters is getting his job back. the officer appealed the firing and an independent arbitrator ruled if his favor yesterday. he will be assigned to a desk job. in december of 2014, white tweeted this threaten me or my family and i will use my god given and law appointed right and duty to kill you. the leader of the group who called for removal called the conduct outrageous. he is toxic to the department. this department has enough other issues go on that having him on the job is a black eye for the
6:38 am
accident. >> if a statement the president of the union said it is our hope the offensive social media comments that were the center of the personnel action are never repeated. >> police in east palo alto are asking for your help to find a teen who could be in trouble the on saturday, the 15-year-old was dropped off in a petaluma target shopping center that she could spend time with her boyfriend and her family has not seen her since, and petaluma police discovered the boyfriend, 19-year-old andrew newman convicted on false imprisonment two years ago, and three cut off the ankle bracelet he was ordered to wear. she went willingly but the family is worried because she is without her medication. the couple are in a green volvo with license plate 3wpd421. >> update to the breaking news we brought you at 4:30 when we came on the air. 30 members of isis have been killed if libya this morning following an air streak by american war planes, hitting a
6:39 am
training camp near tripoli linked to the two terrorist attacks last year. the military officials say the target was the man would planned attacks and he was likely killed >> this morning, facebook and twitter are now joining google in backing apple and the phonings description battle with the f.b.i. and wants apple to create software to give investigators access to an iphone that belonged to one of the san bernardino shooters and apple has until suesor fuse to comply. the c.e.o. will fight the order saying it would degrate the security and makizers more as a result neitherrable to spies and thieves. >> in a statement facebook said they will fight aggressively against requirement force companies to weekenden the security of their system. twitter c.e.o. tweets this "we stand with tim cook and apple and thank him for the leadership." >> now the developer of the first commercial antivirus first commercial antivirus program said he can
6:40 am
three weeks and if not he will eat his shoe live on national tv. >> in the south by cooler this morning, a lot of mid-to-upper 40s for you and we will see a few 50s around alameda and san francisco and half moon bay and bodega bay, and we novato at flea. here is a look at the activity lander dangerous surf until 8:00, and it will be breezy and wets so sailing is not so great and if you are running or walking the dog it will be better in the afternoon hours and it will not be a complete wash out but you will dodge some drops in areas. walnut creek is 43 degrees and temperatures in the upper 50s to nearly 60 with rain cooled air and the sunshine comes out and warming begins with low-to-mid 60s on saturday and mid-60s to nearly 70s on sunday and the chinese new year parade, it and tomorrow, 5:15 so we will start the day at 5:00 at 58, dropping into the my 50s
6:41 am
so comfortable with a coat. have fun. >> expect heavy traffic in san francisco downtown san francisco for the chinese new year parade tomorrow afternoon and evening, and bay bridge toll plaza is backed up, and into the maze and i will check out the drive time for you, right now, when 80 highway 4, to 2 minutes, a slow ride across the bridge and almost 20 minutes and southbound 101 in san francisco is 10 minutes. a crash westbound 24 at orinda, c.h.p. is en route but it doesn't feel like it is causing slowing moving at 63 minute, head to the connell and another accident reported westbound 580 at north livermore causing slowing out of the altamont pass, and that is blocking a lane, but, san jose is still looking good north 101 under 880 a few brake lights alum rock. >> tonight at 11:00, dan noyes at the it teen investigate why authorities have failed for decades to clean up the run down
6:42 am
boats anchored off sausalito they pay nothing and risk pa luting the water and break free in the storms crashing into home on the other side of the bay at look at what is happening offshore at one of most popular tourist defendant nations in the country. that is tonight at 11:00. >> still ahead, the offer a san jose man tried to make marijuana legal in california is making today. >> to you are thinking of buying a car there are two mocks to avoid that could lead to more tickets. >> but, first, a gorgeous look on the friday morning from our explore inform camera you have weather and traffic accident on weather and traffic accident on the side
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the abc7 storm impact scale is level "1" so light rain. keep the umbrella handy. drive safely. track the storm on the news app. download it now. >> heads up for east bay drivers, new express lanes are now open in alameda county, and our reporter matt keller is if livermore with what you need to do before the commute today. >> good morning, reggie, here is the morning, do not get caught driving solo in the spring lanes because it will be a $500 fine here in alameda county, and now we have that out of the way we get to the details here, this is
6:46 am
video we shot after all of the barriers removed for the two express lanes on east side of 580 in at made county through the tri-valley corridor, dublin/pleasanton and livermore. and you must have the fast track tag to use the lane and you can designate if you are by yourself or a car pool with two or three or more, and car pool drivers use the express lanes for free and solo drivers pay up to $13. one express lane is scheduled to open up for the monday morning commute. >> thank you, matt, new technology promising to make your drive a lot smoother, look at this, ford is introducing the pothole protection technology on the 2017 fusion ford saying the shock absorber system automatically stiffens when it detects a hole and it will glide
6:47 am
and slow on top of it rather than we dropping into the pothole the first mid-sized car that offers this feature. [ inaudible ] >> and now the question, are you or someone you know in the market for free pot? dave will be across the street from san jose city hall today from 2:00-8:00 handing out voucher for a gram of marijuana with the goal to get signatures for legalization. he had a similar initiative in 2014 if you are interested get there early, he is only giving away 2,000 vouchers. >> you have to be 18. and willing to provide valid contact information. >> not endorsing just letting you know... >> on bullet, it looks line we are in the red, dow down 96 pintses. >> jane king is at nasdaq with that store and more in the money report. >> jane? hello, good morning to you a
6:48 am
study from the financial advisory firm smart asset has found that millennials in san francisco pay 27% in taxes the highest rate of any city because of high local taxes, higher median salaries so millennials feel the spain, and only those in arlington, virginia, is higher median salaries than those in san francisco. those who use airbnb not go anywhere back to hotels, with a report saying only 40 percent were likely to return to hotels after using airbnb compared to 80% who did not use the service and are likely to prefer formal lodging. >> and a nissan tied with lexus sedan the most ticketed vehicles in the united states. according to a survey done by insurance company found 33% of the drivers of those who vehicles received a ticket during the two-year period.
6:49 am
as you mentioned we are lower today. >> coming back with jane king here. >> we have everything in the idea across the board and it has been the best week of the year, so far, which is not saying much but we have had the best gains this week. >> the wears return from -- warriors return from all-star game and will try to extend the 11 game winning streak because they need to go 25-5 in final 30 games to break the all-time n.b.a. record of the bulls of 72 wins in a season. tip-off in portland is 7:00 tonight and tomorrow they take on the clippers at the staple center and you can watch it only right here, with coverage start at 5:00 p.m. with dip off at 5:30. >> mike nicco will tell us how the day will be and the all important weekend. >> we have a gorgeous sunrise. >> we do. high clouds mother nature bringing us another nice one and we will catch that, put it on
6:50 am
facebook. we can get up to 17 foot swells and large shore breaks but at the beach this weekend, injury the warm weather, it should be calmer with scatter the sprinkles across northern snow ma with the bigger storms and eureka dropping lightning, thunder, and for us, it come down during the afternoon and weaken considerably, and, on wednesday, and yesterday, the storms are showing hail from fulmen thanks for sending that on twitter and not specificking that out of this storm, it will be weak. the beautiful such rise from the roof. now, weak system, light rain, extended period of dry weather with warmer than average highs and short of reports. and short of reports. we go from (1) --
6:51 am
which is half but we will be a "1" at 9:00 or 10:00 we have steady rain and the yellows go away in the afternoon. so does the precipitation. it is moving into the south bay. watch the rainfall amounts from quarter-inch in santa rosa. barely anything measurable around the bay area and the south bay and inland east bay. my seven-day forecast shows 30s and 40s tomorrow morning and average in the afternoon, and the rest of the us get it next week. frances? friday "lite"? >> somewhere. >> we are going to take you to a new accident reported westbound 80. approaching highway 12. part of the connection ramp is blocked. but it is light so we are seeing friday "lite" traffic westbound 580 at north livermore trying to clear a crash from the left lane
6:52 am
so it is sluggish at 28 miles per hour and slow use make your way to pleasanton at 22 miles per hour and a shot of westbound 830 in emeryville headlights are looking good and you do not need chains heading up to lake tahoe but you could need them later this afternoon and southbound 680 through correct vehicle and it is looking good on when 24 through orinda despite an early crash. >> if you owned a drone listen up, time is ticking, you have until 8:59 to register the drone with the f.a.a. and avoid the big no ones, anyone 13 or older with a drone is required to register and the fee is only $5. the policy started in response to safety and privacy concerns with drones becoming more popular. >> the rain is moving in and you can track it minute-by-minute with the news app free for the
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>> 6:54 if you are about to head out the door the seven things you need to know. mike? good morning, everyone, grab a coat. dress warmer this morning. have the umbrella handy for the morning hours in the north bay and the rest of us lie showers in afternoon hours. we may not get anything measurable, temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60s. >> two, a public memorial is held this morning in richmond
6:55 am
for gus vegas killed last week in a domestic dispute at richmond memory auditorium at 10:00 a.m. >> at look at the private ceremony being held right now for associate justice antonin scalia inside of the supreme court in washington, dc. the body lies in repose in the great hall today. at 7:30 our time the doors of the supreme court will open to the public so people can pay their respects. >> berkeley police want did necessity if you recognize -- okay, we have picture from supreme court justice antonin scalia lying in repose and now, here we go, the surveillance video just released berkeley police went to know if you know the man in the video. he is responsible for three sexual assaulted near the cal campus the past week. you can see the video share it with your friends at >> five, traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up into the maze and unfortunately it is not friday light but slow
6:56 am
traffic across the san mateo bridge with a few accidents but nothing horrible. >> a terrible helicopter crash in pearl harbor and a man from redwood city was an eyewitness who rescued we passengers. >> valentine is close to finding the forever home with the owner signing over custody of the colt to the city the horse that fell in a ravine.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. heart-stopping crash caught on tape. a helicopter with five tourists on board plummeting into pearl harbor. new video of witnesses diving in to rescue the victims. cutting a 15-year-old free from the wreckage. those heroes are going to join us live only on "gma." donald trump versus the pope. those stunning remarks saying the gop front-runner is not christian. trump fires back all through the night. >> no leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man's religion or faith. >> and donald trump joining us live this morning. record heat. building across much of the country for the weekend. blazes sparking firenados. the wind warnings and advisories spread from california to new york. that big warm-up right now ♪


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